Bucket list…

Here’s a list of thing we want to do which we’re away. We’ll cross these off as we go. If you have any ideas we’ve missed please leave them in the comments below.


  • See the northern lights
  • Dog Sledding
  • Try Perogies and Poutine
  • Drink a Caesar
  • See snow
  • Watch an ice hockey match


  • Eat a chilli dog
  • Ride a cable car
  • Go to a baseball game
  • See an NBA game
  • Not get arrested in Vegas :)
  • Win $$ in Vegas
  • Go to the ‘In&Out’ Burger in LA
  • Play putt putt golf
  • See a Michael Jackson impersonator
  • Lebowski Fest
  • Helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon
  • Visit to Buddy’s Cake shop in NJ
  • Seinfeld restaurant
  • See a Broadway show
  • Eat some Soul food
  • See a Blues Band
  • Bourbon Street


  • Lavender & Poppy fields in Provence
  • Climb up the Eiffel Tower
  • Visit some wineries in Bordeaux
  • Eat some snails!


  • Watch a soccer match
  • See a bull fight
  • Attend a flamenco show
  • Eat some churros
  • Find some paella on the beach


  • Try piri-piri chichken


  • Throw a coin in the Fountain de Trevi at night! (via Greg G.)
  • See the Sistine chapel
  • Get a haircut by an Italian barber
  • Eat a pizza in Naples
  • Fashion show in Milan


  • Sail the Greek Islands
  • Find Tropical, a bar in Fira


  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Stay in a Boat House in Kerala
  • Visit the Rat Temple
  • http://www.andrewpowell.id.au Andy Powell

    I want to see this updated regularly with your progress.

    I told Karla, no deleting. Strikethrough is the way!

    Have an amazing time guys! xo

    • Karla

      We have done some strikethroughs for you Andy!! :)

      • http://www.andrewpowell.id.au Andy Powell

        I noticed, mega smiles here!

        You two are living the dream. I can’t wait to go to Canadia now, it looks like Disneyland for big kids!!!

  • Greg

    The Trevi is much better at night!

    • http://angusflorance.wordpress.com Angus

      Thanks mate … I’ve updated the list.

  • Stuart

    Under Italy you need to add:

    “Naples – Survive…..”

  • Gregmyster

    In France Nice was NICE.. only if you are nearby not worht a special trip……….

  • http://wheningreece,don'tdoastheromansdid hiedi clague

    …and if you make it to Santorini, find Tropical, a bar in Fira with a VB sign out front and ask Jeannie to pour you a cold one. Then make your way down to Ammoudi (below Oia) and go to the bright yellow restaurant and say hi to Joy (Canadian) from me & stay for lunch long enough to enjoy the sunset.
    Have a great trip guys, can’t say I’m jealous, much!! Hieds

  • Ekalavya Rao

    Things to do in India:
    See the Taj Mahal
    Stay in a Boat House in Kerala
    Visit the Rat Temple

    • http://angusflorance.wordpress.com Angus

      Thanks mate. List hasbeen updated.