Who’s vagamos?

vagamos is a loose translation of the Spanish term – ‘we wander‘.

Vagamos is a couple from Melbourne who resigned from their jobs and are using their life savings to experience the world. Fed up with the monotony of work and endless routine, they’ve followed their real passions in life – being wanderers at heart. “Some may say we’re even going through a mid “mid life crisis”, quips Karla. They worked in IT for 10 years with several multinational companies – Angus worked in the online/digital space and Karla was a business analyst.

Grand Canyon

Considering the epic nature of their journey, they wanted to use vagamos.com as a way of sharing stories with their friends and family, and help network with fellow travellers. In doing so, they hope their blog becomes a useful tool for travellers, as well as a mechanism for capturing their amazing memories.

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  • Steeeeppphen

    Happy travels Annngggguuusss!

    If you are going to Italy, you must stay here and do a cooking class in Tuscany – http://www.pastaalpesto.com/

    Where else are you going?

  • http://www.thisisspain.info Steve Hall

    I have enjoyed your trip. I am happy to add the Spanish section or, if you prefer, links to it on http://www.thisisspain.info I have to say I particularly enjoyed the 1 hr from Málaga, Córdoba and Granada! (Mmmm, Spanish distances – sometimes measured by helicopter)

    Enjoy the rest of the trip


    • Angus

      Sure Steve. Let us know what you had in mind.