A week to relax in Lagos!

We’d both heard so many great stories about Lagos we had to add it onto the itinerary for the trip. Lagos is a small seaside village in the south of Portugal and home to what we were told was Europe’s second most beautiful beach, Praia Ana. Out host Rita asked us not to ask about the first most beautiful beach, as she didn’t know.

Our villa (which looked like a Mexican hacienda) was only a 10-minute walk to the old town and another 10-minute walk (in the other direction) to another main attraction in Lagos called the Ponta de Piedade. To get down to these grottos it took approximately 200 steps, so you get to do some good exercise and once down there you have option of taking a little boat to see the coast for about 40 euro.

This small town was so chillaxed that we decided not to rock the boat and just enjoy the vibe. It gave us time to catch up on some reading, blogging and much needed exercise. This is where we started our morning jogs to the Ponta de Piedade every morning, followed by some hard ab work and then the rest of our time was spent between the beach and our pool. We explored the old town in the afternoons, pacing ourselves and settling nicely into Mediterranean life.  Life here is very easy going, no one is really in a hurry and it suited us just fine. It was absolute bliss!

You can see why people just love coming here. The scenery is breathtaking and beaches are just minutes away from your doorstep, the food is fresh and the sunsets are amazing. You definitely feel like you’re on a holiday when you’re here. Would recommend it to anyone who is down this way.

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