Key West…

We drove approximately three hours south and across 42 bridges to reach Key West from Miami. We’d hired Jack’s dream car, a White Chrysler 300, so we looked so gangsta as we were driving in. One of the bridges we saw along the way was the one they filmed in the smash hit movie “True Lies” where one of the bridges is half complete.  Although its a long, and often frustrating (single lane high way) drive, the views are amazing.  The colour of the water is like nothing we’d seen before.

Preparing to go snorkelling in the Keys

Making the most of all inclusive drinks!We booked a snorkelling tour in the car on the way down to Key West and until this day still think it’s probably the best value for money we’ve had on a tour. It included a three hour cruise on a catamaran, one hour snorkelling and unlimited drinks on the way back (all while gazing at a romantic sunset) for $45 US each. The snorkelling itself was ok, no Barrier Reef but there were still plenty of fish to see – as long as you didn’t get smashed in the face by a fellow flipper.

Fishing Key West

Gabe fighting the tarpinKarla's Jack FishThe next day we booked in for some tarpin fishing. For any of you that don’t know what tarpin are, they are big Game fish that are only caught off the coast of Florida. After an hour of waiting around, Jack and I exhausted our three attempts at catching anything and it is here that I document that Gabe managed the first tarpin hook up! She fought the beast for a good 45 minutes. Reeling it in and then letting some line out like a pro! Tarpin love to jump out of the water and from the few times we saw it go, the Gus' Jack FishJack's Jack Fishguide estimated it to be around six feet long and weigh roughly 100 pounds. It was only when our retarded tour fisherman guide came to help her and yanked up the line and managed to snap it in three seconds. Disappointing to say the least.  Watching Jack’s expression, I was convinced for a while that the tour guide wouldn’t make it back to land. :) No more tarpin but we did manage to catch a Jack fish each so not a wasted morning.

Key Lime PieWe finished off our time in Key West with some more seafood and beloved Key Lime pie. One of the best pies I’ve ever tasted. It was a short but extremely memorable trip to Key West and was an awesome pre-lude to the next chapter.


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