Welcome to Miami…

We stayed in Miami for five days with a days break in between to head into the Keys! The drive through the strip on South Beach was impressive: Loud music, warm weather, beautiful beaches and people, we could sense it was a different vibe from anywhere we’d previously been.

Ocean Drive at night

SoBe CocktailsOur hotel was right on Ocean Drive, across the road from the beach and in prime position for the best restaurants and bars Miami Beach had to offer. For those familiar with Melbourne, Ocean drive is like Lygon St on steroids, where all the maitre’ds out front the restaurants try and reel you in by offering you free drinks and then even BIGGER free drinks!

AWesome seafood!We decided Cuban was the cuisine of our choice that night, but every single restaurant except the Cuban place offered us free drinks! We stood around for a while, waiting for an offer  – but nothing. Business must have been good. So we made our way to the next place that offered us free cocktails: The Green Pelican. Delicious food and drinks! In fact, we had awesome meals the whole time we were in Miami, the seafood is phenomenal.

Storm front..The couple of days we spent at the beach, tanning, swimming, reading, jumping waves…just the normal beach stuff. On one occasion a huge storm front came out of nowhere and they had to evacuate the beach.  It all made for very surreal scenes as we all flocked to safety.  That afternoon we spent in the Hotel bar waiting for the rain to stop – it didn’t, and either did our drinking!  Needless to say the next day Jack and Gus were a little worse for wear.

Waiting for the rain to finish ... It didn't!

LeBron James! ... I mean Aussie Aussie Aussie...As Jack is a massive Miami Heat fan, he bought as all tickets to watch the Heat take on the Milwaukee Bucks in a close game and got to see LeBron James and Chris Bosh live in action!  Unfortunately Dwayne Wade wasn’t playing that night and the Heat actually lost to the Bucks in a very close game.  The only saving grace for the night was Aussie  Andrew Bogat played for Milwaukee so we started some Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi chants. :)

Miami Heat v Bucks

Esmeralda!On our second last day we decided to explore Gator Park. Gator Park was about an hour away from the hotel and we combined it with a boat tour of the celebrities houses on Star Island. The Gator Park was an eye opener, they take you on an airboat to see the Alligators in the swamps and while we’d already seen some, we hadn’t seen them this close to the boat. Our captain, who sounded like a pirate on crack was best friends with all the gators, so he’d call them up “Esmeraldaaaaaaaa, Lily, Ladiessssss” and then throw breadcrumbs to them when they were super close to the boat.

The Gator HunterThere was also a wildlife show after the air boat ride and an opportunity to hold a baby gator. The second part of the trip was a cruise in the waters of Miami, to see some of the homes owned by celebrities. Some of houses that we saw belonged to Sylvester Stallone, Liz Taylor, the Scarface guy, P Diddy! It was all very intriguing, topped off by a party boat in the middle of the harbour who I swear could have belonged to P Diddy with about 20 models in bikinis (some topless) dancing to David Guetta. And we thought it only happened in movies!??

Miami Skyline Clearly we were on the wrong boat!

Miami was great fun and a place we will definitely come back to visit.

The gator whisperer

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  • Gregmyster

    Effing glorious, wish I had been there but with free drinks probably would not remember enything – as I said glorious!