We drove to the state of Florida from New Orleans. We crossed two states: Louisiana, Mississippi and a whole 10 hours later arrived in sunny Orlando. Not sure what the city is like in Orlando as we only really got to see the Theme Parks.

The HulkGabe and I were in charge of getting the best deal for a two day pass into both the Universal Parks. We spoke to the concierge who told us about an amazing deal for 4 x 2 Day passes (which would normally cost $600) for $380 and we got early entrance into the park for the “So-Hot- Right- Now” Harry Potter ride.  The only catch being we had to listen to a 90 minute time share presentation. Sounded reasonable to us, the challenge would be convincing the boys after dropping the car off at the airport.

Soaked after Jurassic Park Harry Potter

The HulkBut it all ran smoother than expected and the next day, tickets in hand we headed to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. A bit different to Disneyland where kids scream in glee, I’m pretty sure these screams (or at least mine) were a mix between “Please don’t let my seatbelt break” and “Why the puck did I get on this ride?!!?”. All fun once the 45 seconds were over and it made it all the more humorous once Gus and Jack had completed their deafening marathon screaming sessions. This theme park had some crazy scary roller coaster’s and water rides that had us soaked as soon as we started the day. Loved it!

Universal StudiosThe next day it was time to conquer Universal Studios, where they were (unbeknown to us) taping the “Ellen” show!! We’d tried to get tickets to the Ellen show when we were in LA, but couldn’t get through.  We tried to get tickets while at Universal – but tickets were of course sold out. So, we did the next best thing and stalked Ellen from across the stage – We managed to see her dance down the stairs, very cool!

Filming Ellen Ellen dancing down the aisle

The rest of the day was spent avoiding probably the scariest ride at the park. It was called the “Rock it and Roll it Rollercoaster”, the incline a full 90 degree, 20 second slow ride up to the top and then drop from about a 50 storey building. They kindly let you choose which soundtrack you wish to listen to whilst dying, something I wasn’t really keen on. Jack and Gabe braved it though, only to have the ride shut down 40 minutes after waiting in line. Bummer! The rest of the park was quite average and after an awesome day at the Islands of Adventure, we were left a little underwhelmed. Lucky for us we had a pool and happy hour waiting for us when we got back to the hotel.

Jurassic Park

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