Jasper to Seattle…

We left Banff and headed to Jasper. The idea being we wanted to train back to Vancouver, through the Rockies and it seemed Jasper and Edmonton were the only places we could do this from.

Jasper: Surprisingly seemed larger than Banff. Lots of cool cafe’s, little shops and snow…lots of snow. We got to cruise the town the first few days and just loved the scenery. The place we stayed at had three bars (score!), so we managed to keep ourselves entertained between snow fights, by watching some Ice Hockey with the locals. We also got to try the No #1 Trip Advisor place to eat in Jasper. It was a place called “Patricia Street Deli” and had some of the most delicious sandwiches you will ever taste. We had one there and took one for the train ride back to Vancouver..a delicious snack if you’re on the run and Glen (the owner) was really attentive and extremely funny – he called us bums, which we are! So, it was valid! :)

Jasper Snow Balls

Train to VancouverTrain ride back to Vancouver: After some awesome snow in Jasper and sub-zero temperatures we were looking forward to getting back to single digit weather in Vancouver. The main reason for booking the train back through to Vancouver was to check out some amazing scenery along the way. The train ride was 17 hours from Jasper to Vancouver….it was a long, long journey! We did see a lot of the country side this way and could have seen more had our train not been four hours late. By the time we boarded our train there was only really an hour or so worth of sunlight – so we went up to the top deck and milked that hour for all it was worth. We managed to get some sleep as well which was a bonus. We’d recommend the train ride if you manage to get an earlier train, we originally booked the 1:45pm train which ended up coming in at 5:45pm. Definitely try to get into the breakfast cart for some awesome and affordable food and great views!

View from the Train

Space Needle SeattleSeattle – After arriving back in Vancouver for a night, we crossed the US / Canadian border and we were bound for Seattle.  We were excited to see the  Space Needle and just get into some warmer weather. We were only in Seattle for 2 days, so don’t really think we gave the city the credit it deserves. We walked down to the Pike Market, but it was closing so we couldn’t see it but have heard this place goes off, so would be good to get to see on a day off. We walked over to the Space Needle and went up to the observation deck and walked around the Rock Museum which is just outside the Space Needle. A nice little, old lady told us that if we got our photo taken just before walking up to the Space Needle we could email a photo of ourselves for free with ANY background we wanted. So we did…took the photo, chose our background and sent it to our families and friends…they loved the LAME-ness…but hey! When in Seattle.. :)

Rock Music MuseumThe Rock Music Museum was interesting, there is also a Monorail that will take you back down town! But what we found fascinating on our way to dinner was the amount of homeless people and pan handlers around. They were just everywhere and after we had our 1600 Calorie meal (from which i nearly died) our lovely waitress gave us some bread rolls to take home, as I’d mentioned that the rolls were delicious!

She gave us 5 bread rolls with butter! So we thought we’d be really good (like the street angels) and give it to some of the pan handlers we’d seen earlier that night.  Do you think we could find any??? We walked around for about 20 minutes until we hit a hub so finally I just went up to a guy and asked him if he wanted our bread rolls, to which he said “Oh no thanks…i’m just fine”…so our bread rolls were rejected. No one wanted our bread rolls. We went back to our hotel room and had bread rolls for breakfast..

Seattle at Night

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  • http://www.donteverlookback.com Kieron

    The two of you are getting us really excited about getting over there! More posts, please! :)

    Would love some more details of your train trip! Did you get to sleep on it? What’s the price like compared to a bus or alternative modes of transport?

    • http://angusflorance.wordpress.com Angus

      Hey Kieron! We did end up sleeping – the seats are comfy and our ride was empty enough to get 2 seats each which meant we managed to get some shut eye. The train trip was $150 CAD each, a bit pricey but definitely worth it (for the views) if you manage to get an early train. It was also a night of accommodation, so we didn’t have to fork out another $100 for a stay and our hotel on arrival to Vancouver had an early check in so we were set. Also recommend this hotel if you guys are looking for some where to stay downtown when in Vancouver – it’s called the Victorian Hotel on Homer street. Great, cosy rooms and breakkie is included for $80 per night. :)

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