Travel Insurance plans for 174 days…

We researched a few Travel Insurance companies for this trip and purposely left it until the last moment to purchase. We needed to ensure that we had finalised our dates coming back from India – major visa dilemmas!

We were expecting that travel insurance for six months would come at a cost and we knew that on a budget, we wanted our policy to definitely cover any:

  • Medical Expenses – Unlimited
  • Cancellation costs – Unlimited
  • Rental Vehicle Insurance excess – $3000 – $6,000
  • Luggage and Personal Items – Over $5,000

Here’s a list of some of the policies that included all our basics:

Vagamos Top 4 Insurance Policies:

4. ANZ – I thought that if I went with my bank they may offer some discounts or additional benefits – but this one came in at #4 with Basic Travel Insurance @  $2,460 per person….Next…

3. Covermore – I’ve always gone with Covermore Insurance for all my trips overseas. Last year I got an awesome deal, as I was travelling to Chicago for a wedding and then had another wedding in Bali four months later. I got onto a package called Annual multi-trip which covered you for a number of trips around the world (in a year) as long as you don’t travel for any longer than 60 days. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the same deal for our 172 day holiday so the best quote we could get was $2,082 per person…seriously overpriced…Next!

2. Allianz – Allianz have got some great deals. They have Worldwide Budget cover plans, which would have done us nicely. They include all medical and personal items cover! What they don’t include (and we’ll definitely need) is rental car cover or cancellation costs.  So that was no good for us. The Comprehensive plan which does include everything we need came to $829 per person. Not too bad…but then we found…

1. Travel Insurance Direct – By far the cheapest and most comprehensive of them all! The plan we’re on covers us for EVERYTHING! For $507 per person. The best part of it is…that it’s underwritten by Allianz – which means that we get the experience and accreditation of a company like Allianz for half the price…similar to the whole Qantas/Jetstar experience! So,this is the plan we settled on.

We hope things don’t go wrong…but if they do, we can rest a bit easier!

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  • Dyanne @TravelnLass

    Excellent (and timely!) info – thanks! But…

    As I’m planning on MOVING to SEA (likely Vietnam) come October, I first looked at your TID choice and was ASTOUNDED at the low price.

    Ah but sadly – it turns out you have to be an Aussie or a Kiwi for all of the options you listed, and…

    I’m a Yank. ;(

    • Angus

      You’ll have to swing by Australia on the way through and marry a good Auusie girl to get the green card! :)

      • Angus

        Or bloke! 😉

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  • Ian Farmer

    Did you research any online reviews of anyone who has had to claim with these guys?

    • Angus

      Hey Ian … It was actually recommended to us to by my cousin who did a similar trip. They had to make a couple of claims (cancelations, lost luggage etc) and didn’t have any problems.

      Do you know of a site that reviews insurance policies?

  • Stuart Faz

    Can’t recommend Covermore highly enough. When I went to Europe in 09 with my family a whole series of crap went wrong. My sister got swine flu and had to be hospitalised for a night, part of our trip needed to be cancelled and rebooked because the Eurostar broke down, and I had to spend €300 to buy a flight from Dublin to London because I got caught in a snowstorm and my flight back with Ryanair got cancelled with no refund.

    We had Covermore insurance through Student Flights, and they processed the claims without batting an eyelid. Once we got the paperwork we needed I think it was about a week before we got the cheque. Super impressed.

  • Kieron

    Covermore were great when we got stuck with no way in to Thailand during the 2008 airport protests. Thanks for sharing this research, definitely helps us a lot!

    Did you consider using World Nomads for travel insurance? Our biggest problem is that we have no return date set so will need to be flexible with our providers and it seems that you need a return date for most of these policies.