European B & B’s & Rentals Apartments

It didn’t take long to decide that by month three we would be OVER hotels! There is only so much originality that a hotel can bring (the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas will definitely be an experience) … but being in Europe we wanted to experience life as the locals do.

The last time I stayed in Rome, I stayed at a B & B close to Termini Station. I can’t remember the name…but it was it affordable and central to most of the sites – the lady running the rooms made sure my friend and I always had our breakfast! She was like our Roman mother.

Fast forward 5 years and there are a heap more options for renting apartments in Europe. We’ve decided that we can save money (by not eating out every night) and although the apartment’s aren’t huge, they may offer larger rooms than some of the budget hotel / hostals we looked at.

Below are a list of sites we used:

Most of these places require a deposit of 10%-15% to secure your booking. So, if you can get over the fact that you’re sending ALL your details via email i.e Credit Card number, and Expiry date to the owner of the property then you’re set. Some of the owners advise you to send the 1st 10 digits of your card in one email and then the remaining numbers in another email. You can have some confidence in the fact that the owners of these properties (appear to) have your best interest at heart. :)

We made sure we researched all places (just to make sure they exist) and checked for reviews from other travellers. Ultimately, there is no real way to make sure the place isn’t a hole until you get there, but we are putting our faith in the fact that if they have 1000’s of people using these sites around the world. With great risk, comes great reward…or so spiderman tells us :)

We’ve still got Italy, Greece and the South of France to go…does anyone have any links for apartment rentals/B&B’s they can send our way?

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