3 weeks and 1 day…

It been quite some time since the last update so thought I’d post a quick recap about where we are up too. Although the blog hasn’t seen much action, we’ve been full steam ahead booking the first half of the trip. Here’s the highlights:

  • All Canada & US hotels and transport booked!
  • The first part of Europe (France, Spain & Portugal) booked!
  • India – North and South booked – now looking at Goa.
  • We’ve extended the trip by a few weeks – now almost a month in India.
  • Sold the car
  • Found someone to live in our place while we’re gone
  • and…. the most important part…. we’ve both resigned from our jobs! WOO HOO! :)

And that’s just the beginning.  We’ve pretty much decided exactly where we are going so a new post will go up shortly detailing the whole trip.

You’ll also have noticed that as we’ve now resigned from work, we can now use our real names!  Kevin can now be refered to as Angus (me) and Wendy is Karla.

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