This always reminds me of a time when my brother, mother and i went to Disneyland. We took a taxi back to our hotel…the total cost of the cab ride was about $12, my mum gave the cab driver a $20 and sat there waiting for the change. He never turned around and just said “Thanks Ma’am”. Lesson Learnt…never expect change back from a $20.

So what’s the rule? Especially when you’re traveling on a budget….you don’t want to be rude or “tight”, but then when is too much…too much? Have looked some sites up and worked out some basic rules:

Restaurants and Bars: Depending on the type of place i.e fancy or not a 15% tip is warranted only based on Food though – so we would remove the alcohol and service tax and only tip on the food. If you are at a bar – tip $1-$2 per drink…or 15% to 20% of the total bill…let’s hope drinks are cheap in the US.

Taxis: Tip 10%-15% of fare for Taxi drivers (that still means Mum got ripped off :) )

House Keeping and Maids: $2-$3 per night. They say it’s best you leave it at the end of each day as opposed to the end of the total stay as you may get different people coming to clean your room.

Bag guys:$1-$2 per bag.

There are also some guides on how much to tip at a casino seeing as we’ll be in many Casino’s in Vegas…thought this might help us with some wins :)

Dealers at tables: 5% of bet amount at the end of the session.

Drink server at the casino: $1-$2 per drink or some people choose to tip $5 after the first drink so that the “waiter” remembers!

All in all the list for tipping goes on and on…the important thing to remember is to tip when you are happy with the service. In our case, we’ll probably have to add tipping into the budget…but what’s a few dollars, if you can avoid getting a tequila sunrise thrown in your face? Or getting dropped off at the wrong end of town?

Note to self: Get lots of dollar bills…

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