So it begins….

So, how did the idea for this trip come about? You could say a number of factors contributed to this voyage. Work was probably the main driver, endless routines and countless meetings ending up in more work…a viscious cycle. Nevertheless, one we thought was necessary…but hang on why?

My boyfriend had never been away for longer than 4 weeks from work. Never done a round the world trip (not to boast but I was going on my 3rd and if I could would do so forever).

It was around this time his brother called with an idea to go to the US. What a perfect opportunity to do both? Travel the US and add the rest of the world to that list…

And so it began…the planning. Initially, every single place we wanted to visit in the US and the remainder of the world went on the list. This “Dream” list had us travelling over 9 months at a cost of over $60k…funds I nor he have. And so the “Dream” list was culled to what we have today…not too bad for a 5 month trip…and whose to say this couldn’t expand…we are adventurers after all!

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  • Andy Powell

    Holy moly, you guys sure did keep the secret for a long time!

    I look forward to reading your adventures – DON’T GET SLACK and stop writing, I’ll be most upset.

    Happy (and safe) travels!