Round the world flights

We did a bit of research to find the best value for money, while still having the flexibility we needed when buying an around the world ticket. Although I had visited many times over the past 10 years, I had never purchased any travel from them.

Wendy on the other hand was a complete different story. She had several round the world tickets from them in the past, including a trip she earlier this year with her mum.

I found some good tickets for my brother and he’s wife return from Melbourne to LA for $950 on the site so decided to get them for him. Wendy and I spent a bit longer planning our trip and wanted to be sure we could go to all the places we wanted to at a reasonable price. had a round the world trip with all the places we wanted to go and at the right time, but most importantly, at the right price!!! We budgeted for about $3500 each but were happy to get the flights for $2500 – POW!

The guys we dealt with on the phone have always been really friendly and helpful – I cannot recommend them more.

So now we have our tickets, we really need to get our butts in to gear and start planning this thing!! To say I’m just a little excited would be a huge understatement!!! Bring it!

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