Planes, trains and automobiles…

We have so many options available to us while traveling. Our trip across the US starts in LA LA Land and at this stage is ends up in Boston. Initially, we thought flying between all our destinations could be a cheap and time effective option. Could “South West” airlines be the way to go. What do you guys think? Could the whole checking in and going through security at airports get tiring? Are South West a reliable airline and do they have many delays or cancellations ?

The option we are leaning towards at the moment involves Road tripping across the US. The idea of 4 people in a Ford Mustang, Chevy or a Dodge is genuinely appealing? This way we gather we’ll be able to check out some of the countryside too..see some of the desert and experience a real US Roadtrip adventure…just like the Griswolds Family Vacation…except there are no families and it’s just couples..but you get the picture?

So our question to you is? Planes or Automobiles?

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