iPhones and travel apps…

Some pretty cool apps i checked out online today…

Travelocity – is absolutely free gives you the status of flights, arrivals and departures as well as gate and baggage information- very useful for all our flights

Taxi – is also free and finds the closest Taxi to you..only in the US though…still pretty cool!

Sit or Squat App – is also free and finds the closest toilets to you – “George Costanza” would be proud! The only problem is i think this is an NY app..? Would be a great one to expand to in Europe and India..

And if you don’t know where to go on a holiday try,


This gives you a random selection of holidays based on criteria you enter i.e Travelling far or near, beach or exciting holiday!

TripAdvisor also does a similar thing – where you can select based on the


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