Flipkey & Other Rental Properties…

Moving onto accommodation for the trip – i was searching online for rental properties. I came across “Flipkey”, a website that offers rental properties all over the world. I thought this could be an option as most of the places we’re visiting we want to stay at are for a week or longer…

We also want to experience the authenticity and culture of every place we visit. Particularly in Europe, and found that on Flipkey all properties are fully furnished and more than anything, affordable! We have set ourselves a budget of $100 AUD per night and figure that we can get something relatively decent for this price. Or can we?

Vacationrentals.com also have a number of properties available…does any one out there know of any other sites that could help us?

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  • Sara

    Have you looked into house sitting? I have heard some pretty good stories about it and it is something that we are considering for Australia/New Zealand