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Visas, passports and pointy things…

As exciting as travelling is, there is always some boring admin stuff we have to take care of.. I’ll try and make this as pain free as possible. Let’s focus on Visa’s first. As an Australian travelling to the US … Continue reading

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Round the world flights

We did a bit of research to find the best value for money, while still having the flexibility we needed when buying an around the world ticket. Although I had visited many times over the past 10 years, I … Continue reading

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I love festivals! Nothing better than travelling around the world and celebrating these festivals with the locals! The only festival i have been to is Carnavale in Rio! Nothing less than spectacular and if i could, would go back year … Continue reading

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iPhones and travel apps…

Some pretty cool apps i checked out online today… Travelocity – is absolutely free gives you the status of flights, arrivals and departures as well as gate and baggage information- very useful for all our flights Taxi – is also … Continue reading

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Flipkey & Other Rental Properties…

Moving onto accommodation for the trip – i was searching online for rental properties. I came across “Flipkey”, a website that offers rental properties all over the world. I thought this could be an option as most of the places we’re visiting we want … Continue reading

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